Wren, etching and aquatint.


‘Wren’ is a hand made and hand printed etching and aquatint.  It is a limited edition of only 10 copies. The image is inspired by the tradition of the wren day, and stories of the goddess Clíodhna.

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The plate size of the image in 20 x 15 cm with a boarder surrounding it. It is available unframed and framed (please send me a message to purchase a framed copy).

An etching is created by applying a layer of wax to a plate of copper, the wax is drawn into using an etching needle.  The drawing is the etched into the metal in a solution of ferric chloride. Tone is added to the plate by burning on a layer of aquatint resin, and ferric chloride is then painted onto the plate to give soft variations of tone.  Each colour is achieved by using separate plates.

A hand operated printing press is then used to transfer the line and tone onto hand made cotton paper.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 10 cm